Position: Middle

Ausiana Ieru-Sa’O

Ausiana’s Volleyball Profile

  • High School: Rogers High School
  • Hometown: Puyallup, WA
  • College Committed: Tacoma Community College
  • Degree Pursuing: Creative Writing

Volleyball Accomplishments:

  • MVP
  • Most Inspirational
  • Getting into college as a middle blocker while being 5’6

Non-Volleyball Accomplishments:

  • student of the quarter
  • employee of the month
  • perfect attendance
My Favorites:
  • Memorable Moments: Getting 3rd overall in the Vegas Showcase and earning a medal my 16s year, earning a bid this year my 17s year.
  • Inspirational Quote: You can do anything you set your mind to” – Benjamin Franklin
  • Motivational Song: You Say by Lauren Daigle
  • Favorite color: purple

I’m inspired by my parents because when I think I’m ready to give up I look at how hard they’re working even when they want to give up and it inspires me to push harder for them!

Something most people don’t know about me is…I’m very humble and passionate about the things that I love!

In five (5) years I see myself…hopefully starting my first book and if not, I should at least have an idea of what I want to write about

Some advice I’d give to younger players is …don’t let people tell you that you can’t play a certain position even if it’s a coach or your parents, if you want to play that position train hard and don’t give up. give your heart to what you’re most passionate about

I’d like to thank my parents and my coaches but overall, I’d like to give praise and thanks to God, I wouldn’t have my talent without him, and he has given me this opportunity to further my athletic and academic career!

Amanda Bussard


“ I believed in my talent I believed in what God gave me I believed in the knowledge that I have of the game” – Russell Wilson

  • Hometown: Puyallup, WA
  • Degree Pursuing:  Pre-Dental
  • Volleyball Awards:  All League Honorable Mention, All-League First Team, Senior Captain, District Champs 2020
  • Non-Volleyball Awards:  3 AP classes. 3.5 GPA

About Me

Some of my favorite volleyball moments are winning our district tournament and being a role model and example for younger girls looking up to me!  I want to remind young players to believe in yourself and have confidence in your skills.  Also, to have fun and leave everything you have on the court while building up your teammates!  I’m so inspired by my parents, they always give me good advice and support with my decisions! They are both successful in their own ways and it inspires me!  In 5 years I see myself working in Dentistry and living in Arizona!

Thank you Mom and Dad and My Coaches!

Meeya Robinson

Meeya’s Volleyball Profile

  • High School:  Emerald Ridge
  • Hometown: Puyallup, WA
  • University Attending: Park University Gilbert
  • Degree Pursuing: Business Administration

Volleyball Accomplishments:

  • League Champs 2021-2022 HS Season
  • South Puget Sound League Honorable Mention
  • Having the opportunity to commit to a school to play volleyball and get my education

Non-Volleyball Accomplishments: Outstanding Scholastic Award-obtaining a 3.5 GPA during high school season

My most memorable volleyball moments are being league champs for high school, beating Puyallup when they were ranked higher, being coached by Bobby and Jill both high school and club.

My Favorite Inspirational Quote:  “Champions aren’t made in the gym. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them-a desire, a dream, a vision” – Muhammad Ali

My Favorite motivational inspirational song: The Climb- Miley Cyrus

My favorite color: Light pink

I’m inspired by my mom because of her hard work and how she’s gotten where she is in her career and how much she does for our family.

Something about me that most people don’t know is I love to be in the kitchen baking, cooking for my family being with my dad while he cooks.

In 5 years, I see myself graduated from college working as a real estate agent and having my license in different states planning to start my own brokerage.

Some advice I’d like to give younger players is Never give up! Don’t compare yourself to the next girl because one day you will be someone that people look up to. But to also remember to work hard because it will not be handed to you, you have to want it and work for it.

I would like to thank my parents, siblings, and coaches because they never stopped believing in me and also push me to be great.

Sydney Locke

Sydney’s Volleyball Profile

  • High School: Decatur High School
  • Hometown: Federal Way, WA
  • University Committed: Willamette University
  • Degree Pursuing: Exercise Science

Volleyball Accomplishments: Seeing my growth as not just a player but also an individual throughout the past 4 years

Non-Volleyball Accomplishments: Maintaining a 3.7 GPA and Highline Community College.

My Favorites:

Memorable Moment: Travel tournaments!

Inspirational Quote: “When life gets you down, all you got to do is just keep swimming” -Dory

Motivational Song: Where is the love? By black eyed peas

Favorite color: Sage green

I’m inspired by my Mom!

Something most people don’t know about me is I love animals and the outdoors

In five (5) years I see myself continuing schooling at a chiropractic college.

Some advice I’d give to younger players is reach out to college coaches the earliest you can!

I would like to thank my coaches over the past few years at Puget Sound, for the support and most of all being patient with me. As I started off volleyball my 15s year I felt like I was behind lots of other played with knowledge and skills. While my coaches had patience with me, I have build up those skills and am now continuing my love for volleyball in college!