2010 Season

The 2010 season marked the first “official” season of Puget Sound Volleyball Academy! It is the first time in 20 years that Puget Sound Volleyball Club is headed by someone other than Jan or Kelly Kirk. John Dillard is initially tasked to be the inaugural PSVBA Club Director, however health issues prevent him from doing so, and the front man duties unexpectedly fall on Pat Taitano for the 2010 season!

We started off with 9 teams and practiced at Fife High School, Columbia Junior High, and Surprise Lake Middle School.

PS U12-1

Brianna Trier & Megan Tevis

PS U13-1

Jessica Hansen & Jessica Vanzant

PS U14-1

Rachel Crossen

PS U15-1

John Dillard & Terri Tuttle

PS U15-2

Cotie Howard

PS U16-1

Steph Papke & Carlye Hupp

PS U16-2

Elis Arias

PS U16-3

Rochelle Wylie & Katy Ferguson

PS U17-1

Dan Ishii & Fehi Tuivai