8 Olivia Beal

College Committment
Bellevue College
High School
Grad Year
Current Team
2023 Seniors

About Me

My high school coach inspires me the most to push myself and work hard for what you want because nothing comes easy with a weak mindset.  I love when I can make other people smile.  My most memorable volleyball moments are pregame dances, making new friends and bonds, and the Halloween practice this year.  I see myself hopefully become a nurse and starting a family in five years.  Thank you to my parents, especially my mom for always coming to my games and sitting there on those hard bleachers or chairs for hour and hours just to support me playing the sport I love, and I was to thank my dad even though he couldn’t make it to all my game it still meant a lot.

  • High School: Peninsula
  • Hometown: Gig Harbor
  • College Attending: Bellevue College
  • Degree Pursuing: Nursing
  • Years at PSVBA: 1

Volleyball Accomplishments:

  • District Championship two years in a row
  • Placing 2nd and 5th at State
  • Best Sportsmanship Award
  • Committing to Bellevue College


Inspirational Quote: Nothing changes if nothings changes, you must make the best out of everyday – unknown

  • Song: On my own – Ross lynch
  • Color: Light green or pink

Advice I’d give to our younger club players

Play freely, play hard and be the team that others are afraid of, work with each other not against, it’s more enjoyable when your a team that loves each other, don’t let other people ruin your love for the sport!