2017 Season

There were a lot of changes going into the 2017 season, we moved out of our training facility in Puyallup and started practicing our teams at various schools in Federal Way, Auburn, Fife and Northeast Tacoma. We also closed down our Olympia branch as most of our Olympia coaches & players transferred to the upstart Olympia Reign Volleyball Club.

PS 12-1

Kim Culliton, Veronica Wentzel

PS 14-1

Rodney Kalalau, Jordyn Seelye, Kimiko Shadle

PS 15-1

Pat Taitano, Karly Druzianich

PS 15-2

Kristy Rioux, Aletha Le, Nicole Fosnes

PS 16-1

Bobby McGivern, Jill Fox-Mullen

PS 16-2

Mike Clark, Jessy Taitano

PS 17-1

Steph Papke, Carlye Hupp

PS 17-2

Rodney Kalalau, Kimiko Shadle, Jennie Demick

PS 18-1

Pat Taitano, Dan Ishii, Jz Vanzant

PS 10-1

Jess Hansen, Jz Vanzant, Jessy Taitano

PS 12-2

Bri Trier, Liz Quitiquit

PS 12-3

Tana Otton