1 Olivia Deckard

Outside Hitter, Defensive Specialist
College Committment
Bellevue College
High School
Grad Year
Current Team
2023 Seniors
2022, 2023


“Rest in the end, not in the middle. – Kobe bryant

  • Hometown: Renton, WA
  • Degree Pursuing:  Athletic Training
  • Volleyball Awards:  All-League First Team, All-League MVP
  • Non-Volleyball Awards:  Graduating Early

About Me

Some of my favorite volleyball moments are making Varsity all 4 years, being MVP & First Team All-League, and beating the 3rd rank team in the nation in my U16 club year!  I want to remind young players to always try your best no matter what, learn to love the process, not the results. Always have fun because club volleyball doesn’t last forever.  I’m so inspired by my mom because no matter what happens to her, she always treats others with love, and she is the most selfless person and will never think of herself first.  In 5 years, I see myself working as a high school athletic trainer or playing professional volleyball.  Thank to my husband Ruvim because he was always there for me pushing me to do my best even when I felt discouraged. I also want to thank my athletic trainer Mr. Geise, he helped me a ton with my knee, but also held me accountable for getting things done and pushing me to my full potential as a student and player.